Sand and aggregates are a critical component of many landscaping and construction projects. Sand is perfect for playgrounds, volleyball courts, and golf courses and can also be used in concrete mixes as an additive. Additionally, sand can be used as a mix-in to make mortar and cement for any paver and flagstone projects. Aggregates on the other hand are comprised of crushed rock and are used as a base material for foundations, roads, railways, and more.

Sand is a versatile material and is available in a number of different colors for any volleyball court, golf courses, and playground projects however All Rock Supply also has mortar masonry sand that can be added to a mixture of cement and water to make mortar. Additionally, we also carry concrete sand that can be mixed with cement particles and rock chippings to produce concrete.

River Rock is available in a number of different sizes ranging from ½” all the way up to 6” and greater. Arizona river rock comes in a variety of different colors however it is typically a gray or brown hue and is commonly used in ponds or as a ground cover or decorative dry riverbed in drainage areas as it helps minimize erosion.

Beach Pebbles, also commonly referred to as “Mexican Beach Pebbles” are a smaller version of river rock and come in two different varieties, polished and unpolished. Beach pebbles are commonly used in planters and indoor water features such as waterfalls.

Pea Gravel is sized at about 3/8” and is often times used for paths and walkways due to its smooth appearance and smaller size which makes it easier to walk on. Stop by one of our three conveniently located rock yards to obtain samples and view our available Pea Gravel.

Aggregate Base and Aggregate Base Course are commonly referred to as AB and ABC. AB & ABC refers to the sub-layer material that is used in driveways, roadways, footpaths and more. AB & ABC is placed directly on top of undisturbed soil to form a solid foundation that can support the top material such as asphalt, cement, pavers, and more. AB & ABC is comprised of a mix of crushed rock, topsoil, and dust that ranges in size from ¾” to dust size particles.