12 Tips for Using Decorative Rock in Your Landscaping

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Almost 90% of real estate agents recommend that homeowners work on landscaping to potentially increase their home’s value before they put it on the market. If you’re looking for eye-catching landscape materials, you may want to consider decorative rock. Here are 12 tips for using decorative landscape rock to enhance the look and feel of your yard. A landscaping materials company can help you select rocks and deliver them to your home.

Tip 1: Hold Water Back for Use by Plants and Trees

A pile of small, colorful decorative rocks not only looks great, but it also keeps soil moist for plant and tree roots, by blocking UV rays to keep water from evaporating.

Tip 2: Create a Rock Border Between House and Lawn

A border made of decorative rock keeps rain splatter from hitting your house. In addition, it places grass further from your home, making it easier to mow. Finally, a rock border makes a pretty area to hold flowers and shrubs.

Tip 3: Make a Stunning Border for Your Garden

A border of decorative rock that surrounds your flower garden and lines walkways creates visual interest. Stacks of rocks made into low walls look great and help to protect your flowers from damage by people walking through your yard.

Tip 4: Create a Water Scene with Gravel

Think in terms of a pond, small lake, or part of a swamp that is composed of gravel instead of water. Big rocks, small shrubs, plants, and animal figurines all help to give the impression of an invented water scene.

Tip 5: Make a Seating Area with Decorative Rock Slabs

Place large slabs around a rock firepit, and you’ll have the perfect place for a barbecue or marshmallow roast with family or friends. You’ll then have a function for an unused part of your backyard.

Tip 6: Use Large Decorative Rocks to Build a Wall

You might want to erect a wall with large rocks in your yard for several reasons: to more fully enclose a flower garden, to make a lawn flat for mowing, or simply to add visual interest.

Tip 7: Fix a Slope in Your Backyard

To correct a slope, stack very large, flat decorative rocks to make a wall without mortar or cement. The wall will keep the soil in place.

Tip 8: Use Decorative Rocks to Make Lines in Your Garden

You can choose a number of different types of rocks and make lines that draw the eye. You could even create a pond with rocks for an even more arresting effect.

Tip 9: Use Large Rocks to Decorate and Divide Your Garden

Large decorative rocks, if carefully selected for shape and color, can add eye appeal to your garden while also dividing large open sections. The rocks should be spread around evenly for maximum effect.

Tip 10: Give Your Garden an Art Deco Effect

Stacking decorative rocks in rows that follow the slope of your yard and include room for plants can create an art deco effect. The stacks of rocks also assist in keeping soil from being washed away by rainwater.

Tip 11: Correct a Small Slope with Low Rock Walls

Decorative rock walls around a small slope prevent soil from being washed away while providing enough space for flower gardens.

Tip 12: Pick Your Own Decorative Rocks from Nature

Go looking in the woods, the mountains, along bodies of water, and any other place where you can expect to find attractive rocks. You might use what you find for your yard’s border, or for any other purpose. You could collect decorative rocks in one trip or gradually, scouting in a variety of places to get a wide range of stones.

There are clearly many uses for decorative landscape rock. Choosing the right colors, sizes, and types of rock may seem like a daunting task. The professional staff at a reputable landscaping materials company that offers decorative rock can help you determine what is best for your home’s needs and what will fit your budget. They can deliver your decorative rock to your home so that you don’t need to worry about transporting such heavy materials. Find a local landscaping materials company with a great reputation for customer service and deep knowledge of the uses of decorative rock. Go online today. Check out All Rock Supply for the best deals today.