The Top 5 2021 Landscaping and Gardening Trends You Should Know

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With the recent lockdown, many homeowners have had the time to reconsider the design of their homes. Recent trends have indicated that homeowners need their designs to go beyond creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. There is a need to build conducive outdoor environments using cost-effective gardening and landscaping materials. Here are some of the top gardening and landscaping trends.

1. Simpler Garden and Yard Design

The modern gardener tends to lean towards a simple but functional design. Through thorough initial planning, homeowners can minimize maintenance and optimize the use of the outdoor space.

One of its principles is to achieve exceptional results for your garden without using exotic plants. There is a preference for native species since they are resistant to local climatic and soil conditions.

Native plants not only save water but are also easier to maintain. It prevents crop failure, and you won’t have to be constantly checking on the plants.

2. Setting Aside Areas for Relaxation

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in gardening and landscaping. Perhaps, as we increasingly embrace the virtual world, we have more time to appreciate our home’s natural surroundings as well.

One trend is to create a full experience with mood-boosting flowers around your yard. You can have sound effects with water trickling down decorative landscaping rock to a fountain or pond. You may replace the thinned-out parts of your lawn with lush plants for a more tranquil space.

3. Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable practices are not only beneficial to the environment but are also cost-effective for the gardener. You can save water by building rainwater collection systems. Sustainability also involves cutting down or eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

The chemicals from fertilizers can get into groundwater systems and devastate ecosystems. You can make compost and reduce the expenses spent on inorganic fertilizers.

4. Spicing up the Decor

Modern gardens are now being inspired by simple designs that touch on multiple landscaping aspects. However, they require careful planning for how you intend to group flowers, shrubs, and succulents. To further spruce up the garden, landscapers are also using decorative landscaping rocks.

Also, gardeners are looking to upgrade the furniture in their yard. As an outdoor decor item, it has to be is resistant to the elements of the weather. The interest in outdoor furniture is evident from the design options meant to complement today’s modern gardens.

5. Synthetic Options

Incorporating artificial grass and other inorganic materials is one way to minimize the waste of resources and manage costs. These synthetic options can cut down maintenance tasks such as weeding or watering.

Artificial grass and flowers can be put on parts susceptible to damage from human traffic or weather elements. When all this is coupled with decorative landscaping rocks and boulders, synthetic plans can accentuate a vulnerable section of your yard.

Whether you use decorative landscaping rock or grow houseplants, the goal of the current trend is simplicity. You can find creative ways to use what you already have to create a tranquil space in your home. However, you can also speak to the professionals at All Rock Supply and they will advise you on how to spruce up your yard.