How Construction Blocks Can Help With Your Landscaping

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If you’re lucky enough to own a home, then you’re also unlucky enough to have to keep up with the maintenance and yard work of that house. However, it doesn’t have to be a headache or a chore. There are many companies that will be only too happy to help you out. From installing landscaping rocks to trimming trees, many of these services truly can do it all.

Many people recognize that doing some landscaping around their home would allow them to have a nice yard and increase the value of their home. In fact, according to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 67% of Americans agree that professional landscaping would allow them to have a nicer yard. This may mean installing decorative landscaping rocks so that everything looks pretty or using actual construction blocks to achieve a landscaping project.

In this brief article, we’d like to touch on how using construction blocks can be extremely effective in building things like retaining walls or walling off sections of your yard. You can use them to make a garden or simply divide up space. With a little bit of planning and ingenuity, they can be a landscaper’s best friend!

They’re Versatile

As we mentioned previously, construction blocks are an incredibly versatile material to use. From being able to create sections in your land to creating divisions that become something else, there is seemingly no end to the uses that these blocks provide. Since they are sturdy and essentially weatherproof, you can stack them up decently high and mix and match them to your needs.

Gardens, compost bins, and extra storage are just some of the ideas that homeowners have come up with in order to get the most out of their construction blocks. By creating your own concrete boxes of varying sizes, shapes, and depths, you have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to yard construction. If you can build it, then it shall be done.

You Can Use Them to Build Walls

Construction blocks are mostly made out of concrete and are prefabricated. In this way, they are similar to bricks and are the perfect choice for building any walls that your property might need. Many homeowners use them to build retaining walls, which can hold up land or keep uneven land from shifting. This is not a DIY project that you want to do alone, so it’s worth calling a competent contractor to help you install this.

Many homeowners don’t have adequately marked property lines for their homes and sometimes construction blocks can be utilized to help mark this invisible line. If you’re looking for more privacy while still staying within your budget, construction blocks can also be used to build privacy walls in areas where plants or wooden fences won’t work.

Outdoor Construction and More

Sometimes, in the midst of landscaping your yard, you really want to add a pond, statue, or another type of object in certain spots. With concrete blocks, you can make all of your ideas and more come true if you simply put your mind to it. Because construction blocks come in various shapes, sizes, and curves, you don’t have to simply settle for squares or rectangles. They now come in colored varieties and can be sanded or shaped to meet your specific needs.

Since construction blocks are heavy and versatile, they can sometimes be used to start construction on things like a koi pond. Once a hole is dug and the liner is laid, concrete blocks can keep the liner down and be the “outside” of the pond. In a similar fashion, these blocks can be used to make modern art, a “looking window” that reflects on a plant, or much more.

Now You Know: Just Build It

Before this article, you probably didn’t know just how versatile construction blocks actually were. But you sure do now, having seen the many ways in which they can be altered, shifted, and constructed to fit every homeowner’s desire. Now that you have this knowledge, it’s only a matter of talking to a qualified landscaping contractor to figure out how to achieve your dream yard. Contact All Rock Supply today for a quote on construction blocks for your next project. Enjoy!