Utilizing Synthetic Grass: Here Are Seven Ideas to Get You Started

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Did you know that landscaping your home can increase the resale value by as much as 14%? Whether you choose to hardscape, soft scape, or a combination of both, these landscaping materials will surely increase the original value of your home. For this reason, why not look into incorporating artificial grass?

Synthetic grass is great for outdoor spaces and demands minimal maintenance. It does not need watering, mowing, use of fertilizers and pesticides, saving you time and money. But how can you design your outdoor space using artificial grass? Read on for more.

1. A Rooftop Upgrade

Artificial grass can transform your rooftop space. Use this eco-friendly and evergreen landscape material to decorate your rooftop into an entertainment zone. You can blend the synthetic grass with tiles and artificial trees, then add daybeds, couch, or dining set to create a formal hangout set.

2. Blend It With Your Patio

The green color from the artificial grass is always warm and inviting, a reason why you should use it on your patio. Regardless of whether you use the patio for cooking, entertaining, or lounging, artificial grass softens the landscape to complement this outdoor space.

3. Amp Your Pool

Alternatively, design a pool paradise using artificial grass. The green color from the grass will pair nicely with the blue from the pool, creating a comfortable, relaxing space in your home.

Besides, synthetic grass is safer to step on after taking a swim, unlike concrete that gets hot. Also, you need not worry about slipping and falling since the grass acts as a soft cushion.

4. Create a Tropical Look

You can also create an interesting design using artificial grass, decorative rocks, and soft scaping materials. Incorporate white gravel, pea gravel rocks, synthetic grass, palm trees, rustic slabs, and other decorative materials of your choice. The palm trees will create a tropical feel while the white gravel brightens the space. Adding lush green grass will deliver a relaxing summer space.

5. Use Ornamental Plants

If you love bright colors on your lawn, combine ornamental plants with artificial grass to decorate your home. The warm, bright colors from the plants will blend naturally with the lush green and the cold concrete on your walkway. You can also try playing with curves and sweeping lines on the design to add texture and vibrant color.

6. Kids’ Playground

Artificial grass is perfect for designing your kids’ playground. The turf is mud-free, soft, robust, and can withstand rough use and thus experiences reduced wear and tear. It is also durable. You can also install swings, slides, monkey bars, and jungle gyms safely on the grass.

7. Get Creative

Artificial grass is versatile and can be used in creative ways. You can cut it into different shapes and patterns to create unique designs. Besides, it can cover an accent wall or outdoor furniture. Alternatively, you can combine it with contemporary designs. Either way, there are endless creative ways to design with artificial grass.

Get Your Synthetic Grass From a Trusted Source

It is no doubt that artificial grass can amp your outdoor space. The grass is inviting, demands minimal maintenance, works with a variety of landscaping materials, and is eco-friendly. Call a trusted source to design your home with artificial grass today. Remember, All Rock Supply can provide you synthetic grass for all of your needs.