12 Tips for Using Decorative Rock in Your Landscaping

decorative rock

Almost 90% of real estate agents recommend that homeowners work on landscaping to potentially increase their home’s value before they put it on the market. If you’re looking for eye-catching landscape materials, you may want to consider decorative rock. Here are 12 tips for using decorative landscape rock to enhance the look and feel of  … Read more

7 Things to Do Before You Hire a Paving Contractor

Installing a walkway of pavers can improve the way your garden paths look. With versatile designs and a wide range of materials available, you can pretty much create the outdoor space of your dreams. If you’ve got little in the way of experience, tools, or time, though, do yourself a favor and hire pros for  … Read more

Installing Landscape Fabric for Your Garden

Gardening is a relaxing activity you can do at home—but weeding the garden is another story. Every day brings new sprouts of weed around and in-between carefully planted flowers and herbs, making it seem like a never-ending chore. And weeding daily is an impossible task, especially for busy homeowners. You can install landscape fabric to  … Read more

How to Use Pavestones in Your Landscaping to Create a Decorative Border

Pavestones are an unexpectedly versatile landscape rock. If you are looking for a way to add functional beauty to your property, consider using pavestones to create unique, visually appealing borders – all with a real-world function you can’t ignore. What are Pavestones? Pavestones – also known as pavers – are flat, smooth stones used in  … Read more

Garden Fountains to Suit Any Backyard Landscaping

A foundation adds a relaxing element to your garden, with the right one completely transforming your outdoor space. Use it as a focal point. Put chairs and tables around to create a spot suitable for entertaining guests. Here are a few other suggestions to know before you hire a contractor to install a fountain in  … Read more

5 Steps to Improve Your Rock Garden

Landscaping stones provide finishing touches to your backyard. If you’re thinking about changing the way your patio or yard looks, but you don’t want to spend too much on a full-scale garden renovation, then use landscaping stones. Know Your Options Know as much as you can about what’s available and which options work with your  … Read more

Landscape Rock Buying Guide

Landscape rock is an essential part of your garden. If you want to design your backyard into a functional outdoor space, then transform the area through landscaping. One of the first things you’ll need to do is to shop for landscape rock in Glendale, AZ. Here’s a bit of a guide to help you. Know  … Read more

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass Lawns

If you live in Arizona, you may have a difficult time keeping a beautiful green lawn. In fact, the climate is simply not conducive for natural grass. However, there is an important alternative to consider, before accepting the fact you may never have a lovely lawn. A synthetic grass lawn in San Tan Valley AZ  … Read more

Landscaping Rock with Varying Textures and Colors

Landscaping Rock

Rock can be a valuable tool in your landscaping arsenal. When it comes to a natural feature that can be used in almost any setting – and to achieve almost any effect – rock is hard to beat. What’s more, it has natural lasting power and is affordable and weather-resistant – what more could you  … Read more